21 Days of Prayer

Power of the Church

March 27, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

How is it that people have peace in the midst of pain? The secret to remaining calm in the middle of chaos is the power of prayer. When we pray we are choosing to trust God, even when we don't understand. Prayer has the power to break us free from our strongholds. In this message Pastor Chris teaches that prayer should not be our last resort, but our first response.

Prayer of Jabez

March 20, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Do you know why we pray? When you experience pain you have two choices. You can either focus on your problems, past, and suffering, or you can turn to God in prayer and believe in His promises and purpose for your life. In this message Pastor Chris teaches from the prayer of Jabez to show us that the most successful people are not those who lack problems, but those who have allowed their pain to lead them to God.

The Prayer of Moses

March 13, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Do you know how to Pray? The Bible outlines a series of different prayers, including the prayer of Moses. When learning and following these patterns we avoid coming to God with just our wishlist. Prayer is most effective when it isn’t something done every now and then, but a lifestyle that is cultivated. In this message Pastor Chris outlines a series of steps that we can take in order to draw closer to God with our prayers.