Revelation End Game

The Bride of Christ

October 4, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

What do you think of when you hear the word church? Many people have a high view of God, but a low view of the church. In this message Pastor Chris teaches that in order to really love God we must love His people!. It is impossible to love God and not love his church!

Resisting Temptation

September 27, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Have you ever been tempted? The truth is, we all have. But how do you overcome temptation when it comes knocking at your door? How do you say no when the temptation is right in front of you? In this message, Pastor Chris reveals the mystery behind temptation and gives us a process to overcome it!

Gratitude or Grumbling?

September 20, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

The Book of Revelation is not just a book about the future, but a book that can give us hope and make us thankful. Join Pastor Christopher Cassis and @The Source Church family as we worship God together and discover how the Book of Revelation is speaking to us right now during this Pandemic.

War Over Your Worship

September 13, 2020 • Pastor Erik Pluemer

There is a War over your Worship. Worship is not just singing songs on Sunday morning, but how we live everyday. Everything we do, think, and say is worship. You were made to worship. So who are you worshiping? How are you worshiping? In this message Pastor Erik explains to us zooms into chapters 12-14 in the Book of Revelation and enlightens us to how this war started.

Eat the Scroll

September 6, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Is the end Near? "Sound the Alarm!" We are sure you have heard this phrase before. Well as we dive back into the Book of Revelation, we are tackling the 7-Trumpets and there meaning. What are we suppose to do in light of learning about these events to take place at the end of this world? Tune-in as Pastor Chris journeys through these chapters and how they effect our lives today.

Marked By God

August 30, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

What is going on in the world? Sincerely, we have to ask "Is this the End?" As we have started our Journey through the Book of Revelation, we embark to engage chapters 6 & 7 and find out what happens as "Seals" are opened upon the earth. You don't want to miss this powerful message with Pastor Christopher Cassis about how the Church find victory, even through the end of the world.

Change The Earworm

August 23, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Have you ever had it where you get a song stuck in your head for hours or even days. This happens so often that people have even given this a name in the urban dictionary. It is called an ear-worm. It's not an actual worm in your ear, but a song stuck in your brain. So what happens if the wrong song get stuck? It's amazing how Satan uses this same technique to whisper in our ear. His voice can be just as infectious as an actual worm in our brain. He knows that his messages will play like the chorus of a song over and over again. In this week's message Pastor Chris is going to teach us how to remove the ear-worm. He is going to share with us how to change that tune!

A Warning for the Church

August 16, 2020 • Pastor Duane Terpstra

If Jesus was to write a personal letter to you, what would He say? Would He praise you for your giving? Would He commend you for your patience? Would He applaud you for your prayer life? Would He commend you for your behavior? Jesus has some great things to say in His letter to His churches, BUT He also had some issues with them. The church is less than perfect, but Jesus still decides to work in and through the church. In this message Pastor Duane teaches that anything worthwhile is worth working for.

End of the Story

August 9, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

When we read the last chapter of a book first we already know the ending. Studying the book of Revelation shows us that God wins in the end. In this message, Pastor Chris teaches that when we know how the story turns out in the end, we can read it with peace and joy instead of fear and anxiety.