I Love My Church

I Love My Church week 3

Saved People Serve People • September 24, 2017 • Pastor Duane Terpstra

We live in a culture today where most people are self-centered; it's all about us. What would the world look like if we did it Jesus' way? What if we lived to serve people instead of be served? What if serving in a radical way, showing the love of Jesus, actually brought people to Jesus? In this message, Pastor Duane teaches how saved people serve people and served people save people.

I Love My Church week 2

Growing People Change • September 17, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Most people would love things to stay the same. But just like children grow-up, we are also called to grow as Christians. In this message, Pastor Chris teaches that Growing people Change. That process does not just happen automatically.

I Love My Church week 1

September 3, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

What do you think of when you hear the word church? Most people think of a building or location. Others think of a boring room full of hypocrites. But what did Jesus mean when he spoke about the church? Has church lost its meaning in recent decades? In this series we will learn whom the church is for and why it exists? We’ll see why Jesus established His church and why it still matters!