Outcasts week 5

April 2, 2017 • Pastor Duane Terpstra

"The Perfect Storm" In this message Pastor Duane teaches about three outcasts...Jesus, ten Lepers, and a Samaritan and how what happens to them combine for a miraculous event! If God blesses us even when we do wrong, how will we respond?

Outcasts week 4

March 26, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

The woman at the well went from Outcast to Evangelist when she met Jesus. In this message, Pastor Chris teaches that God can take our loneliness and turn it into joy when we discover what he is offering.

Outcasts week 3

March 19, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

We see that Jesus shows love to Zaccheus even when everyone else rejected him. Jesus show love to even the people we view as “unlovable.” Jesus became friends with sinners before they ever changed their lives around. Jesus does not judge like we do. In this message Pastor Chris will show us that It is Love that produces the change in people and not judgement or condemnation.

Outcasts week 2

March 12, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Ever feel like you don't fit or belong? Join us for this series as we look at the heart of Jesus and discover that God has a heart for the outcast. In this message Pastor Chris teaches about God's perfect calling for God's imperfect people!

Outcasts week 1

March 5, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Perhaps you are in need of encouragement and assurance that even when you feel like an 'outcast' in the eyes of the world, God's perfect love claims you as His own child, valued and chosen. You are not beyond God's grace. God pursues us before we pursue Him. If you have ever felt like you don't belong or fit in, if you feel as if you are beyond God's grace, or have been forgotten, this series is for you. In this message, Pastor Chris teaches that it doesn’t matter what we’ve done, or how far we’ve wandered, God is actively pursuing us to come back to Him.