Own This Moment

Obstacles or Opportunities

May 24, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

When you encounter a problem do you see an obstacle or an opportunity? God allows obstacles to show us something we would have been blinded to otherwise. In these moments of quarantine God is opening up new opportunities all around us. Pastor Chris teaches four ways we need to work our obstacles in order to turn them into opportunities.

Walk Through the Door

May 17, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Who has God given you the opportunity to speak hope to in these moments of quarantine? Satan wants our message to be isolated, but the gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be contained. Pastor Chris teaches that this moment in time is the perfect occasion to share the gospel.

Small Cakes Bring Big Blessings!

May 10, 2020 • Pastor Erik Pluemer

You’ve heard the good old saying ”Sharing is Caring”, but did you know that sharing brings the blessing? In this message we will look at a story of a mother who exhibits faith in sharing her last meal in a pandemic and miracle God worked. Pastor Erik informs us that small cakes brings big blessings!.

A Time for Everything

May 3, 2020 • Pastor Erik Pluemer

How are you spending your "time"? Are you bored? Busy? Bummed? Are we using this time of quarantine to the best of our ability? In this message Pastor Erik Hans Pluemer teaches us how to start spending our time wisely with all that God has given us, and OWN THIS MOMENT!

SIgns and Symbols

April 26, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Are you waiting for things to turn back to normal? Are you eager for your kids to return to school so you can get a second of peace and quiet? In this moment It’s easy to focus on the noise, the mess, and now the added responsibility of homeschooling our children and miss the opportunity of shepherding our children’s hearts! Is it possible that God is giving us this time with one another to enhance our relationships with each other? In this message Pastor Chris teaches that we are not called to just be disciples of Jesus, but to be disciple makers!

Will You Own It?

April 19, 2020 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Are you frustrated with being quarantined? Are you wondering when it will all be over? In this time of Isolation it's easy to carelessly squander our time waiting for our lives to return back to normal. There are millions of moments that make up the essence of our lives. Pastor Chris teaches that some moments are good and some moments are bad, but God does not waste a single one.