Family Vacation

Family Vacation Week 3

Training Must Take Place • July 2, 2017 • Pastor Richard Faulk

In order to achieve a desired outcome, the proper training must take place. In this message, Pastor Richard teaches how important consistent and persistent teaching and training is in developing lives that honor God and produce do-ers for the kingdom of God.

Family Vacation Week 2

"How to Raise Your Kids in a Godly Way In a Broken World" • June 25, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

People are like sponges soaking up every verbal and nonverbal interaction. In this week’s message Pastor Chris teaches how to allow God to mark your life in order to be an influencer in your family instead of allowing the world to influence you.

Family Vacation Week 1

A Trip Into the Future • June 18, 2017 • Pastor Duane Terpstra

The safety of covenant, that promise of unconditional love, is where grace happens in our relationship with God and our relationships with each other especially our family. The family bond was created by God to be a covenantal bond that displays His love to the world. In this series you will learn the importance of family relationships, and how parenting is a way for parents to help their children understand God’s grace and love.