No More Excuses week 1

December 31, 2017 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Change does not happen in an imaginary vacuum. It happens in real life; where people have birthdays, get in fights, get sick and get fired. Cars break down. Storms roll through. Kids happen (yikes). That is life. That is the reality you are going to live in EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. So if you are going to make changes to your life, we need to quit making excuses and embrace the trials. In this series we will learn principles for lasting change. So Get Ready! We are creating the New You for the New Year! NO MORE EXCUSES!

No More Excuses week 2

January 7, 2018 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Romans 12:1-12 is the classic text on how God changes us. In this message, Pastor Chris teaches about the six principles on what it takes to really change.