First Wednesday Prayer

“Kindle the Kindness”

May 4, 2022 • Don Hannay, Lead Team

When we walk in kindness, the world sees the goodness of God! Enjoy this time of prayer and short message from our First Wednesday Prayer!

"You Are Anointed"

April 6, 2022 • Eric Babb, Lead Team • 1 John 2:20, 1 John 2:27, Isaiah 10:27

The Bible says "we are anointed" - and that the anointing is the only thing that breaks the annoying things in our life - bondage, struggles, sickness, and strongholds in our generation....and God has called us to walk in and pray with...the anointing!

“God Encounters”

March 2, 2022 • Bob Othoudt, Lead Team • Acts 4:13

Only when we have a true God encounter, can we impact our world and those we encounter on a daily basis - personally, nationally and globally! And it all starts….in prayer!!!!

“From Repentance to Presence”

February 2, 2022 • Prayer Lead: Danielle Trebesch

When we live a life of repentance, we can begin to see God’s presence in our life!

"Inquire to Acquire"

January 5, 2022 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor • 2 Samuel 5:17–25

Before we can ever acquire a breakthrough in our lives, we must first inquire of the Lord!

"Fresh Fire"

December 1, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor • Matthew 3:11, Proverbs 26:20

We need fresh fire from God, but then we need to do our part - keep putting the wood on the fire!

"He is Your Life"

November 3, 2021 • Prayer Lead: Danielle Trebesch • Colossians 3:15–16

We become more “in tune” with God when we give him full control of the house. We must learn how to lift up our voice and invite the Holy Spirit into all of the situations that we encounter.

“Great Grace”

October 6, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor • Acts 4:31–33

God doesn't want to just cover you with grace, but with great grace - it covers generation to generation.

"The Sanctuary - A Holy Place of Prayer"

September 1, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor • 1 Chronicles 22:19

God desires we live out of our personal sanctuary. Find out what it means to abide in this "holy place!"

"Two Kinds of Prayer"

August 4, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor • 1 Corinthians 14:12–15

What are two biblical ways to pray God's best over your life, a situation, or a dream? Find out in this short message from our August prayer night!

"The Holy Spirit's Influence"

July 7, 2021 • Jessica Babb, Lead Team

You can influence your sphere with the power of the Holy Spirit - and it starts in your prayer closet. Check out this message from our July night of prayer!

"Remodeling Your Prayer Life"

June 2, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

There are times, areas of our life need a remodel. Prayer can be one of those areas - listen to this message about how to "remodel your prayer life!"

"God's At Work Behind the Scenes"

May 5, 2021 • Bob Othoudt, Lead Team

Enjoy this message that stirred our hearts about how God is still at work behind the scenes during our First Wednesday Prayer Night!

"Prayer Basics"

April 7, 2021 • Rachael Hannay, Lead Team

Enjoy this message that stirred our hearts to pray during our First Wednesday Prayer Night!