Summer Essentials

Staying Healthy When It Gets Hot

S'mores (Pt 8)

July 25, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

Did you know the summer highlight of eating "S'mores" has a powerful spiritual lesson? Check it out and get ready to pray this simple prayer to be "S'more like Jesus!"

Stay Cool In The Furnace (Pt 7)

July 18, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

You know you are mature when you are in a hot place and people are getting upset and angry, but you are the one who can keep your cool. Jesus was right there with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, even in the fire. Find out what can happen when you are in a tense situation, and by God's grace - you keep your cool.

Enjoy The Rainy Days (Pt 6)

July 11, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

When our praise goes up, God sends the rain down. It is by our expression of worship that we usher in God’s presence. It’s our praise that invites the Holy Spirit. It’s when we lift our voices, lift our hands, bow our knees … it’s when we worship that invisible vapors go up and God opens up the heavens and sends His rain. Do you know the nine essential expressions of worship vapors in the Bible that are invisible vapors that create spiritual clouds of blessings in our life? Check out this message today!

Hang In a Hammock (Pt 5)

July 4, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

How do you do at resting? One of our biggest tests will be learning how to rest (and rest well!) Get ready for an encouraging word from Pastor DC from a unique setting in Part #5 of our "Summer Essentials" series!

Go Fishing (Pt 4)

June 27, 2021 • Judy Bjorklund, Guest Speaker

Fishing is such a fun thing to do in the summer....but spiritually, the fishing Jesus calls us to do - is an essential all year long! Join us for a special message from Judy Bjorklund as we continue our "Summer Essentials" series!

Apply Bug Spray (Pt 3)

June 20, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

The number one repellent of the flies in this world is the anointing with fresh oil - it’s like spiritual “bug spray!” The anointing kills all of the flies of this life and every attack of the devil. In this message, you'll be reminded to anoint yourself with oil every day!

Wear Your Sunscreen (Pt 2)

June 13, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

To protect yourself against the unseen UV rays of the enemy, you must put on spiritual sunscreen - the armor of God! In this message, learn how to put on these key spiritual essentials!

Drink More Water (Pt 1)

June 6, 2021 • Dennis Calhoun, Lead Pastor

We can get dehydrated spiritually if we don't drink from the living water - God's Word on a daily basis. In this message, learn tips to make "drinking" God's word, a lifestyle this summer and beyond!