Wild Church

Everything is Spiritual

September 13, 2020 • Ben Jeffery

The gifts and experiences that you have experienced in your life are vital for the life that God is calling you into.


September 6, 2020 • Ben Jeffery

Who is God? The shape of your God will become the shape of your faith and determine what you expect life to be like. If God is Trinity then how does this affect our worship?

On the Edge of Chaos and Calm

August 30, 2020 • Ben Jeffery

Celtic Christians believed that life is a pilgrimage; there is an external and an internal journey towards a holy location. When we learn the rhythms of faith, we see both sides of the journey clearly.

Walk in Wonder

August 23, 2020 • Ben Jeffery

The first rule of Celtic Christianity: Faith is about becoming, rather than knowing. Mystery is a natural part of relationships.