01-More Together: Less is More

August 8, 2021 • Pastor David Henderson • Acts 2:42–45, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Hebrews 10:19–24

We all want more out of life. But is it possible? The best way to overcome our limited time and energy is to invest more of them into one another. As we kick off a new series called More Together, and prepare to launch new life groups in a few weeks, we’ll see how being in committed community means that less is more.

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04-More Together: All the More

August 29, 2021 • Pastor David Henderson

We live in a broken world, and it’s enough to steal our hope sometimes. But there’s a way we can cling to hope and take on the biggest problems of the world with confidence. Never underestimate the power of together.

03-More Together: More Growth

August 22, 2021 • Pastor David Henderson

There’s a reason feeling stuck and feeling alone go hand in hand. Stepping out of hiding can be scary, but we find what we need to grow when we’re seen and known. What will it take for you to get unstuck?

02-More Together: More Impact

August 15, 2021 • Pastor David Henderson

What do an iPhone, a smashed wall and a rope have in common? They’re all evidence that if we want to make lasting change, we need two things. Find out what they are and how to find them as we reflect on the kind of impact we all really want to make.