09-Living as God's Kids

Who's your daddy

May 16, 2021 • Pastor Christopher Thompson

We live in a world focused on race, political affiliation, etc., more than I ever remember in my lifetime. The word “tribal” has been used to describe the situation in which we find ourselves, and yet most don’t see that they are missing that two tribes do exist, but they are not what they think. This week Pastor Chris addresses these two tribes in his message, “Who’s your daddy!?”

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15-Living as God's Kids

June 27, 2021 • Pastor David Henderson

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what’s true? Confused and overwhelmed, you’re at a loss. In that moment, what if you found that you had the truth all along? You’re convinced and confident! You know that you know, and you won’t settle for less. But how?

14-Living as God's Kids

June 20, 2021 • Pastor Christopher Thompson

We believe many things in this life because we have been told they are true—the sun, for example, how do you know that it is there. Sure, you can see something in the sky. It is bright, hot, and supposedly 93 million miles away, but how do you know that it is there? You cannot touch it, and you cannot smell it; you cannot travel to it. At the end, when it comes to the existence of the sun, you, me, we must trust. This week we discuss One we cannot see, but is worthy of all of our trust. Article on Textual Criticism: https://www.gotquestions.org/textual-criticism.html

13-Living as God's Kids

June 13, 2021 • Pastor Christopher Thompson

In his inaugural address to a nation ravaged by the Great Depression, FDR spoke these famous words, "let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." For the believer, is this true? Do we have to fear even fear? Pastor Chris discusses in this week's message, "No Fear!"