2 | The Reality of Hell

Week 1: Jesus' Commission

September 22, 2022 • Revelation 20:15

It’s been said that we cannot really appreciate the good news of the gospel without first understanding the bad news. Those who reject the way of salvation are headed to a place of eternal torment. Likewise, those who are believers in name only and not in action are in dangerous territory. Learn more in this sobering session.

Hell is a real, agonizing place that will last forever for all who go there.
Jesus said, “Many will say to Me, Lord, Lord…” and yet He will respond by saying, “…depart from Me.” We need to be very sure that we’re on the right track and not headed for a shocking conversation with Jesus where He tells us to “depart” into everlasting fire.
We cannot sit idly in comfort and allow people around us to unknowingly be on their way to destruction.

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