Italy Short-Term Mission Trip

June 1 - 11, 2023

There are 60 million people currently living in 8,000 comuni (cities, towns, or villages) in Italy. More than 85% of those comuni have no existing Evangelical church and less than 1% of people in Italy are Christ-followers. Sojourn Woodstock is partnered with Impatto in Italy which is a growing family of theologically defined and driven gospel-centered church planting churches. We will be helping with theological education and care of pastors, increasing exposure of local churches in their own communities, and helping to create platforms for local workers to capitalize on. Some trip activities may include prayer-walking, creative outreach, working in schools, community events, and gospel distribution. This is a trip open to people in all walks of life, including families who want to bring their kids. This will be an awesome experience you won't want to miss! This trip qualifies as an Exposure and Evangelism Trip (more info below), and we do require interested participants to apply. Space will be limited, so as a first step please fill out the "Initial Interest Form" above if you are interested. Cost is expected to be $1000 plus airfare. We encourage you to raise financial support and will help you in that process. Reach out to Caleb Bedingfield if you have any questions. In order to make sure our trips support the ongoing ministry of our global partners and receiving missionaries, everyone applying to participate in this should be able to meet the following requirements: (1) Believer in Christ (2) Must be a regular attendee of Sojourn Woodstock, unless special circumstances apply. Membership is not required; however, members may be given preference in the selection process when spots are limited. (3) Be active in community at Sojourn Woodstock (4) Complete and pass a background check (most of our trips partly include ministry to children). If you meet all of the following criteria, please fill out the form below. If you don't meet this criteria but you would like help in any one of the areas, please reach out to me (caleb@sojournwoodstock.com).