WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE IN HEAVEN? What will happen on earth during the Tribulation

Terry James & Jonathan Brentner Pt 2

May 5, 2024 • Terry James, Jonathan Brentner, Joe Ardis Horn

Understanding our lives in the Hereafter changes everything:

Hereafter—It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine will broaden your understanding of Heaven and deepen your longing for Jesus’ appearing and the start of eternity. Thoughts of the splendor ahead for believers strengthened the Apostle Paul during his many hardships (Romans 8:18), and a grasp of the wonders ahead for us as saints will do the same for you.

The thrilling perspective presented in Hereafter has changed everything for its authors, and we pray the glimpse of Heaven we provide on its pages will lift your eyes heavenward in the expectation of the magnificent blessings that lie ahead for you.

Joining us in the SkyWatchTV Studio are two best selling authors, Terry James and Jonathan Brentner, as they share their brand new Defender Publishing books: 

Hereafter: It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine by Terry James and Jonathan Brentner

In Nearing Midnight: As It Was in the Days of Lot by Terry James

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