Five in Ten

Five topics, ten minutes: News and views with Derek Gilbert

Satanic Temple Opens 'Religious Abortion Clinic'

February 7, 2023

The Satanic Temple plans to open a “religious abortion clinic” in New Mexico on Valentine’s Day as part of what it calls its “reproductive religious rights campaign.” 5) Covert Chinese police station in New York City closed; 4) 368 people busted, 131 victims rescued in human trafficking operation in California; 3) Fake meat industry appears to be in death-spiral; 2) Satanic Temple announces “world’s first religious abortion clinic”; 1) Police in UK called to investigate gang of feral chickens.

Massive Earthquake in Turkey

February 6, 2023

Thousands have died in a powerful earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says this is the worst disaster to hit his country in 84 years.  5) 7.8 magnitude quake rocks Turkey, Syria, and Middle East; 4) Retired UK general says British troops would run out of ammo in one day of hot war with Russia; 3) US shoots down Chinese spy balloon—finally; 2) Health officials warn of new SARS-2 strains Kraken and Orthrus; 1) Bored geniuses figure out how to make AI app ChatGPt glorify illegal drugs.

The Friday Five - What's Next for Ukraine?

February 3, 2023

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made an offer this week to Vladimir Putin, essentially trading the Donbass and Russia’s land bridge to Crimea for peace. Trouble is the Russians don’t believe him. 5) Narrative shift hints that neocons admit Ukraine can’t win; 4) New peer-reviewed study shows that mask mandates are useless; 3) Evidence mounting that Democrats are done with Biden and Harris; 2) Green fantasies have Europeans eating insects and Congolese children working in toxic mines for $2 a day; 1) UK drug dealer caught by shared photos of his girlfriend’s dachshund.

Blood Cobalt

February 2, 2023

New images from inside cobalt mines in Congo, where 90% of the world’s cobalt is mined, reveal that our tech “green” electric vehicles are made possible by people working in toxic conditions for $2 a day. 5) Prominent German newspaper admits that Ukraine is not going to win war with Russia; 4) Demand for traditional Chinese medicine leading to slaughter of 5 million donkeys a year; 3) Tech and EVs creating huge demand for “blood cobalt”; 2) Chair of California’s reparations panel wants wealth tax or mansion tax to fund payments to descendants of slaves; 1) Socialist Bernie Sanders writes book on evils of capitalism but, oddly enough, it isn’t free—and tickets for his book tour cost $95.

Bugs—They're What's for Dinner

February 1, 2023

Additives made from insects are hitting store shelves in Europe following an EU ruling that defatted house crickets and lesser mealworms are safe. It’s all to save the world from flatulating cattle. 5) Biden to end COVID-19 emergencies in US May 11; 4) Senate Democrats go after Biden for mishandling of classified documents; 3) Justice for Pennsylvania pro-life activist; 2) Insect-based food additives in the EU; 1) Norwegian university to investigate whether white paint is racist.

Watcher Over New York

January 31, 2023

A new statue on a state courthouse in New York City has been described as a “Satanic golden Medusa,” but we think it represents the gender-fluid Sumerian goddess Inanna. 5) Normally hawkish Rand Corporation advises US to end Ukraine conflict soon; 4) Suicide bombing at mosque in Pakistan kills at least 59; 3) Statue honoring late Justice Ginsburg casts evil eye over Manhattan; 2) Alzheimer’s Association briefly partners with pro-suicide Compassion and Choices; 1) Would-be thief tries to steal statue of archangel Michael, which stabs him in neck when he trips.

Pfizer Responds, Sort Of

January 30, 2023

Pfizer issued a press release late Friday in response to last week’s Project Veritas expose. The company appears to both deny and admit that it performs gain of function (or “directed evolution”) research on viruses. 5) Social Marxists using death of Tyre Nichols to stir up racial tension; 4) Pfizer’s response to Project Veritas expose says a lot of nothing; 3) Fire at Connecticut egg farm kills 100,000 chickens; 2) Blue spiral over Hawaii attributed to SpaceX launch; 1) Colorado trail cam captures 400 selfies by a curious black bear.

The Friday Five - Pfizer Exec Caught by Project Veritas

January 27, 2023

A Pfizer executive was caught on video admitting that he and other Pfizer execs have discussed “mutating” SARS-2 virus to create tailored vaccines. 5) Ukraine gets German, US tanks, immediately pivots to F-16s; 4) Article blaming unvaccinated for vaccine harm seems legit; 3) Pfizer executive caught in bombshell Project Veritas video; 2) VP Harris drops “life” from quote of the Declaration of Independence at pro-abortion event; 1) Library in Minneapolis hosts free class on traditional Nordic spoon carving—but “white-bodied” persons need not apply.

The Vaccinated Want an Apology

January 26, 2023

Some of the vaccinated are angry that the jab has not been as safe or effective as promised, but the apology they want is from the unvaccinated, who allegedly didn’t try hard enough to warn them of the danger.  5) Germany and US to join UK in sending main battle tanks to Ukraine; 4) Russian ship armed with hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles deviates from course, sails toward US; 3) New article demands apology from unvaccinated for not sharing what we knew about experimental mRNA jab; 2) Tablets found in Iraq prove that Amorite language was precursor to Hebrew; 1) Sen. Hawley announces the Preventing Elected Officials from Owning Stocks and Investments Act—the PELOSI Act.

Thus Sayeth the Elders

January 25, 2023

Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock to 90 seconds before midnight Tuesday, the closest ever to signaling imminent destruction. The announcement was made with a group called The Elders, who appear to echo warnings from the World Economic Forum. 5) Bulletin of Atomic Scientists sets Doomsday Clock to 23:58:30; 4) Zelenskyy fires top aides in purge described as “anti-corruption”; 3) Two mass shootings in California in three days by retirement-age Chinese men; 2) Nancy Pelosi had priests perform exorcism of her home in San Francisco; 1) Museums in UK want us to stop using term “mummy” because it’s dehumanizing.

Russia Warns of World War 3

January 24, 2023

Three Russian officials said in separate interviews Monday that the world is on the brink of World War III because of NATO intervention in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  5) Russian leaders warn that world is on brink of World War III; 4) Lockdowns accelerated trend of people leaving churches; 3) Carbon credits scam gaining traction; 2) Pedophile scandal inside London’s Metropolitan Police; 1) Former FBI counterintelligence official at heart of Trump Russia collusion investigation arrested and charged with colluding with Russian oligarch.

White House Staff Wonders Who Leaked Classified Docs Story

January 23, 2023

Staff around President Biden wondering who leaked the story about his possession of classified documents to CBS News because only a select group of insiders knew about it, and they’d tried to keep it secret. 5) Media depicts fiery Antifa riots in Atlanta as anything but violent; 4) More classified documents found at Biden’s home; 3) Woke rage mob angry at Tony Dungy; 2) Researchers at Louvre Museum confirm mentions of King David on Moabite Stone; 1) Police in Durham, England make 5-year-old boy’s day by allowing him to lead motorcycle unit on his minibike.

Friday Five - Mastering the Future

January 20, 2023

The World Economic Forum meeting this week brings together people who believe that they, and they alone, have the right to fundamentally restructure human civilization. They don’t realize that they’re dupes in a bigger game. 5) World Economic Forum plots in Davos; 4) Russia, NATO continue dangerous game in Ukraine; 3) Hunter Biden lived at father’s house where secret documents were found; 2) US government hits legal debt ceiling; 1) Head of UK food watchdog group says cake at the office is as dangerous as inhaling second-hand smoke.

Release the Tapes!

January 19, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s promise to release all of the video from the J6 riot at the US Capitol has liberals in an uproar—because they will destroy the narrative that the protest was an insurrection. 5) US military taps previously undisclosed stockpile in Israel to send ammunition to Ukraine; 4) European Commission President vows to double down on green energy, despite energy crisis caused by EU’s climate policies; 3) House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says he intends to release all 14,000 hours of video from January 6, 2021 riot at US Capitol; 2) Satanism on rise in the UK; 1) Greta Thunberg arrested at coal mine protest—or was she?

Deep State Disinfo

January 18, 2023

A former official with the CIA and DIA admits that he and others who signed an open letter “debunking” the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election knew that it was probably true—but that they were still right to call it Russian disinfo. 5) Klaus Schwab opens World Economic Forum meeting by claiming he will “master the future”; 4) Deep state beginning to look like Rome’s Praetorian Guard; 3) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson suggests the FAA full ground stop last week may have been caused by hackers; 2) New study finds that more than half of men who have transgender “bottom surgery” suffer such pain that they need ongoing medical care; 1) Japanese gamer has credit card info shared with web by his pet fish.