26th June : Ps Joshua Siaw

June 26, 2022 • Ps Joshua Siaw

Ps Joshua Siaw graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2004 and returned to KK shortly after. He currently works in a growing international tech company and also serves as an Executive and Youth Pastor of Skyline SIB while leading the young adult's Trailblazers zone. He is happily married to Carmen, enjoys music, loves sci-fi/fantasy, and is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors basketball team.

5th June : Ps Ryan Foo

June 5, 2022 • Ps Ryan Foo

Pastor Ryan Foo Say Liang have been in full time ministry for the past 22 years. He is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Generation Church for the past 14 years. Pastor Ryan Foo's core messages are on Faith, Holy Spirit and Leadership. Ps Ryan is passionate for the young people and his vision is to build a generation of believers who are strong in the Word and strong in the Spirit. He is happily married to Brenda Koh.

12th June : Ps Rachel Ongkili

June 12, 2022 • Ps Rachel Ongkili

Rachel trained in law at Melbourne but is the executive producer of homegrown independent production house Vinoun Films which is based both in KK and KL. Vinoun seeks to break grounds in art and entertainment as well as creatively building up young and rising talents who share the same passion and vision for the people and for the next generation. Rachel's is passionate about seeing young people rise up and walk in the God-given destiny for their lives.  Rachel has seen the Lord use her to successfully build up a team of creative and growing young talent. She presently zone leads and shepherds the Heartseekers zone in Skyline and is co-leading the Young Adults Ministry.

19th June : Dr Kenneth Wu

June 19, 2022 • Dr Kenneth Wu

Dr Kenneth Wu is a medical specialist and a dynamic communicator with a unique passion to make complicated subjects simple and relatable. He believes the message of hope is a powerful medicine for the heart. This is innovatively illustrated on his latest medical health book, Fake News Can Change You. As Ministry Head of Christian Education, he oversees Faith Factor series, Cross Over and Baptism Workshop in Skyline. Both him and his wife, Liz, lead the Gusto Connect Group.