Great Expectations

Jesus the Messiah

December 24, 2018 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

God turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

John the Baptist

Luke 1:5-25 • December 23, 2018 • Pastor Michael Eckelkamp

God hears your prayers. He works intimately and in YOUR life! God has a plan for your life - and for the world.


2 Samuel 7:1-17 • December 16, 2018 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." You are God's temple and God's Sprit dwells in YOU.


1 Samuel 1 • December 9, 2018 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

In our weakness, we call out to God - where we get out strength. Turn your whole life to Him. There are things God has hidden from us and those He's revealed. Focus on those He's revealed.


Exodus 1-2 • December 2, 2018 • Pastor Michael Eckelkamp

Jesus came to fulfill the law; now the ten commandments are our friend - guiding us to live a life in gratitude to God.


Genesis 12:1-3, 15:1-6, 21:1-7 • November 25, 2018 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

You are not defined by the circumstances in your life, or what you have done, or what you have. You are defined - like Isaac and all Believers - as being a child of God's promise.