1/13/19 - Rooted in Faith, Hope, and Love

January 13, 2019 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

God is rich in mercy, so ALL of your payment for sin was transferred to Jesus. Our FAITH is in the Gospel, our HOPE is because of the Gospel, and our LOVE is the fruit of the Gospel.

1/20/19 - Rooted In Knowledge and Wisdom

January 20, 2019 • Pastor Michael Eckelkamp

We need to value ALL people. We can do this by recognizing how God sees us - He loves and forgives US because of Jesus, not what we have done.

1/27/19 - Rooted In an Encounter with a Loving God

January 27, 2019 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

Jesus is our Creator. He came into this world to restore His image in us. Believers are the image-bearers of God.

2/3/19 - Rooted in Christ

February 3, 2019 • Pastor Michael Eckelkamp

2/10/19 - Rooted In Freedom

February 10, 2019 • Elder Rick Keagy

What does it mean to live your life in Christ? Don't carry the baggage of what happened before. Leave the past in the past - your sins are forgiven and the enemy is defeated.

2/17/19 - Rooted In Christ's New Life

February 17, 2019 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

Do what matters, while here on this earth. Set your mind on eternal things and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

2/24/19 - Rooted In Authenticity

February 24, 2019 • Pastor Michael Eckelkamp

God says to start living in HIS power, not ours; we are powerless over sin. Don't be convinced of the big lie that once you are saved by grace, you're now on your own. You are in God's hands now.

3/10/19 - Rooted in God's Design for Marriage

March 10, 2019 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

Jesus came to serve, not to be served. The essence of Christian marriage is to serve the other.

3/17/19 - Rooted in God's Design for Authority

March 17, 2019 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

God commands, "Children, obey your parents". We need to help our kids understand God's love for THEM - that's why they will WANT to obey their parents.

3/24/19 Rooted In God's Design for Our Vocations

March 24, 2019 • Pastor Michael Eckelkamp

Whatever you do, work hardily as if for the Lord.

3/31/19 - Rooted In Prayer

March 31, 2019 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

4/7/19 - Rooted and Built Up

April 7, 2019 • Pastor Andrew Farhat

What does a mature believer look like?