Raised to Know Better

Genesis 4:1-26

July 24, 2016 • Mitch Lockamy • When Life Turns Upside Down

Raised to Know Better Genesis 4: 1-26 What are some areas in life you have been raised to know better? 1. True faith responds to God's grace through obedience to His Word. (Gen 4:1-4a) Obedience to Gods word is FAITH Disobedience is UNBELIEF 2. Sin is rebellion against God and His revealed will. (Gen 4:4b-7; John 14:6) 3. If sin is not dealt with IT GETS WORSE! (Gen 4:8-9; I John 1:8) 4. All sin has consequences; but remember, judgement is coming to those not of the household of faith. (Gen 4:10-16) 5. Gods plan of redemption cannot be stopped- He will "raise" up people who respond by faith in all generations to accomplish His plans. (Gen 4-25-26) Gen 3:15 prophecy fulfilled We have been raised with Him. Redemption has come. We know we can call on His name.

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