Drunk on God's Faithfulness

February 21, 2021 • Jacob West

In this text, though there are warnings of future judgment for Israel, there is a gracious promise of restoration!

Ripe for Judgment

February 14, 2021 • Brian Farley

Amos has warned the people. Yet, they have continued to reject God's Word in favor of their own desires.

Warning Visions

January 31, 2021 • Jacob West

In this passage, Amos receives three visions—visions which explain God's long-suffering to His people.

The Cancer of Complacency

January 24, 2021 • Brian Farley

In this lesson, we see that some of the religious problems in Amos's day are still problematic today.

The Substance of True Religion

January 10, 2021 • Todd Bryant

Amos warns the people of trying to worship God with empty hearts—and stresses that such people will not fare well when the Day of the Lord arrives.

The Eulogy of the Walking Dead

December 27, 2020 • Brian Farley

God's condemnation of Israel continues as He looks towards their pagan places of worship.

Prepare to Meet Your God

December 13, 2020 • Jacob West

In a society much like ours, God warns the Israelites that they will soon meet Him—and so they needed to prepare themselves.

Laughing at Lions

November 22, 2020 • Todd Bryant

As crazy as it would be to laugh at lions, it's even more crazy to laugh at God's promised judgment. Yet, that's exactly what Israel was doing in this chapter.

Getting Personal

November 15, 2020 • Todd Bryant

In this section, Amos turns his focus from the Gentile nations to God’s chosen earthly people—and shows how the standard is raised when more insight is given.

The Roar of the Lion

October 25, 2020 • Todd Bryant

In this text, we will learn that God doesn’t give those who are ignorant a free pass. The nations—the pagan nations who worshiped other gods—were still responsible to the true and living God. And just as a lion roars, so God here warns the nations what is coming.


October 18, 2020 • Jacob West

In this message, we lay the foundation for the study of this book.