Frustrated With God's Will

October 11, 2020 • Todd Bryant

This passage reveals that a blood-bought, God-called, God-sent missionary with God's Word has the capacity to be frustrated when God doesn't do things the way he wants them done.

The Great Revival

September 27, 2020 • Jacob West

In this passage, Jonah finally carries out the instructions God has given him.

A Prayer from the Deep

September 21, 2020 • Jacob West

In this sermon, we look at the prayer Jonah prayed from the belly of the great fish.

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

September 21, 2020 • Brian Farley

In this sermon, we will continue looking at Jonah's attempt to flee from the Lord—and from the mission God sent him on.

Introducing Jonah

September 13, 2020 • Todd Bryant

In this message, we want to get some overview of the prophet himself and his setting—and look at the mission that he was commanded to carry out and how he responded.