The Doctrine of God

God's Grace Extended

July 25, 2021 • Jeff Short

Though God is great, He has chosen to extend grace to us.

God is Merciful

July 25, 2021 • John Hunter

We thank God that He doesn't give us what we deserve but grants us mercy instead.

God is Sovereign

July 25, 2021 • Jacob West

The sovereignty of God is a doctrine that should scare the unbeliever to death. However, it is a great comfort to God's people.

God's Righteousness Demands Justice

July 24, 2021 • Blake Thompson

If God is holy, how can man be righteous with God?

God is Holy

July 24, 2021 • Jeff Short

What can we learn from Isaiah's encounter with the holiness of God?

God is Self-Existent & Eternal

July 24, 2021 • Brian Farley

God is outside of time - and always has been. What implications does that have for us?

Natural Revelation

July 23, 2021 • John Hunter

In this text, we are taught the truth of natural revelation and the results of it.

God Is...

July 23, 2021 • Todd Bryant

This text shows Paul's example and stresses our responsibility to share the truths about God’s character—His attributes—or perfections.