2 Peter

Closing Instruction

June 9, 2021 • Brian Farley

In this section, Peter concludes this letter with instructions to the recipients as to how they are to conduct themselves in light of Christ's imminent coming.

God is a Promise-Keeper

June 2, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this text, we are reminded that we can trust God’s promises—and that we should live in light of them.

The Battleground for Truth

May 26, 2021 • Jacob West

The truth was under attack in Peter's day and it is under attack today. In this passage, Peter warns his readers how to battle it.

The Impact of False Teachers

May 19, 2021 • Brian Farley

In this passage, Peter zones in on the effect false teachers have on a congregation.

Bold Like Balaam

May 12, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this text, we will see that false teachers are boldly arrogant—and ultimately because they want what religion can do for them.

Does God Judge?

May 5, 2021 • Jacob West

God's pattern of judgment in the past tells us much about the pattern of judgment in the future.

The Fertile Ground of Apostasy

April 28, 2021 • Brian Farley

In this text, Peter begins addressing the false prophets specifically. This is an important warning to us today as well.

A High View of Scripture

April 21, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this text, Peter introduces his primary reason for writing this letter—false teachers. He also introduces the remedy—being equipped by the Word of God.

Are You Saved?

April 14, 2021 • Jacob West

In this text, Peter challenges his readers to examine their lives to make sure they have been called by God.

Introducing 2 Peter

April 7, 2021 • Brian Farley

In this sermon, Elder Brian lays the foundation for the study of this wonderful book.