Psalm 33

May 1, 2022 • Brian Farley • Psalm 33

In this Psalm, the psalmist calls the righteous to praise God for all He is and all He's done.

Psalm 32

March 6, 2022 • Jacob West • Psalm 32

This Psalm is a pattern to all believers how to approach sin in our lives.

Psalm 31

February 6, 2022 • Brian Farley • Psalm 31

In this psalm, David cries out to God for deliverance and in praise.

Psalm 30

January 2, 2022 • Jacob West • Psalm 30

In this passage, David learns that God is to be valued over all things.

Psalm 29

December 5, 2021 • Brian Farley • Psalm 29

In this Psalm, the importance of ascribing glory and honor to Yahweh is brought out.

Psalm 28

November 7, 2021 • Todd Bryant • Psalm 28

In this Psalm, David calls on God to save His covenant people of Israel through God’s anointed.

Psalm 27

October 3, 2021 • Brian Farley • Psalm 27

In this Psalm, David is fully sold out to God.

Psalm 26

August 1, 2021 • Brian Farley • Psalm 26

This challenging Psalm by David was penned as a result of his desire to serve God in all things.

Psalm 25

July 4, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this Psalm, we are taught to trust God—rather than trusting in our own resources.

Psalm 24

June 6, 2021 • Jacob West

In this text, David presents a rarely-heard perspective of God in our world today. He is God and we are not. And, we are accountable to Him.

Psalm 23

May 2, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this Psalm, David—as the king in Israel—pours out his heart in thanksgiving to God for all His provision.

Psalm 22

April 4, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this text—unlike any other text in the Bible—we get a view of the crucifixion from Jesus as He looked down on those villains who murdered Him.

Psalm 21

April 4, 2021 • Jacob West

In this Psalm, we essentially get an answer to Psalm 20 along with a warning for the enemies of God.

Psalm 20

March 7, 2021 • Brian Farley

What do God's people want for God's King? In this Psalm, we find a good example.

Psalm 19

February 7, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this psalm, we will see David’s desire to glorify God in his life—the same way that both creation and the Word glorify Him.