1 Peter

God's Got This

March 31, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this final section in this letter, Peter sums up his entire message to these persecuted saints—encouraging them to life in the midst of persecution with the understanding that God is in control—and this life is not the end.

Humility in the Pulpit - Humility in the Pew

March 24, 2021 • Jacob West

In this text, Peter stresses the importance in elders leading with humility and the flock of God following good leadership.

Suffering Isn't Strange

March 10, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this passage, Peter stresses that living as a child of God—as a follower of Jesus—normally entails suffering in this life, since our Lord led the way for us—and He suffered.

The End of All Things is Near—So What?

March 3, 2021 • Jacob West

Jesus's coming is imminent. How should we live in light of that?

Armed and Ready

February 24, 2021 • Brian Farley

In this text, Peter urges his readers (and us) to think like Jesus.

Apologetic Ministry

February 17, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this text, we will learn of the importance of being prepared to defend our faith—not with swords, but with truth.

How to Love Life

February 10, 2021 • Jacob West

Some passages are more challenging than others. This is one of those passages. As believers, we are called to do things - even in the midst of persecution - that are counter-culture.

Perfect Advice for an Imperfect Marriage

February 3, 2021 • Brian Farley

Peter continues talking about relationships which are important in following the Lord.

Willful Submission to Authority

January 27, 2021 • Todd Bryant

In this passage, we are going to see that our calling—as God’s children—is to submit to those in authority over us—even if those people are unjust. Such an attitude not only properly represents our Lord but it is more interested in the glory of God than self.

Submit to Wicked Leaders

January 20, 2021 • Jacob West

In some of the worst times imaginable, Peter instructs his readers to submit to those God has sovereignly placed in authority over them.

Blessed by the Battle

January 6, 2021 • Brian Farley

Now that Peter has instructed them on salvation, this passage turns towards our character.

The Purpose of Election

December 30, 2020 • Todd Bryant

In this passage, we learn not so much the fact of election—that has already been well established in this book. But we learn why God chose a people for Himself.

Christ - Your Living Stone or Stone of Stumbling

December 23, 2020 • Jacob West

In this rich section, we contrast the reception of Christ by believers with the rejection of Christ by the world.

What Do You Long For?

December 16, 2020 • Brian Farley

Part of holiness is longing for God's Word. However, this can only be done if we put off the works of the flesh.

Loving Intentionally

December 9, 2020 • Todd Bryant

In this text, we are going to see that true holiness includes loving other believers with a “sincere brotherly love”.