Introducing Joel

Joel 1:1-4

July 18, 2021 • Brian Farley

In this lesson, we get an overview of the book of Joel.

More from Joel

Real Hope or False Hope?

August 29, 2021 • Jacob West • Joel 3

In this final chapter of Joel, we are given a very clear glimpse of God's judgment on the nations and Israel's restoration which takes place in the day of the Lord.

Response to Repentance

August 22, 2021 • Brian Farley • Joel 2:18–32

In this passage, God responds to Israel's repentance—with a view towards a greater, future, national repentance.

Judgment Calls for Repentance

August 15, 2021 • Todd Bryant • Joel 2:1–17

In this text, we will learn about the future day of the Lord. And as Israel is called to be prepared for it, so we too must be prepared for it.