Speaking Truth to Power: Jonah

January 9, 2024 • Adam Linsenbigler, Jeremy Troyer • Jonah

Join us for a deeper dive into the story of Jonah, beyond the whale, and look at how Jonah spoke truth to power and impacted a whole nation through the power of God.

Finding Community Beyond Sunday

April 15, 2024 • Chad Stowers, Adam Linsenbigler

Join Chad and I as we talk about the importance of Christian community outside of Sunday morning.

A Look Into Creating a Sermon Series

April 8, 2024 • Adam Linsenbigler, Harold Keck

Join us as we hear from Harold about his creative process and how he plans a year at a time. He also shares his own personal devotional process using the SOAP method: S = Scripture: Write down a meaningful scripture from your reading O = Observation: write 1-2 paragraph “Observation” about this passage A = Application: Write a 1-2 paragraph of personal “Application” about this passage P = Prayer

Finding Rest in God's Word

April 1, 2024 • Adam Linsenbigler, Jeremy Troyer