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Grace to Grow - Part 2

Grace Upon Grace • November 1, 2020 • Pastor Jim Amador

God's grace sets us free from captivity, it removes the burden of guilt and shame, and it restores us back to the Father. God's grace is like fertilizer that continues our growth into the image of Christ. There are times where we cant stunt our own growth. We must humble ourselves before Him and confess our trespasses. "God resists the proud but gives GRACE to the humble." The key to growing in grace is humility! "If you humble yourselves before the Lord, He will lift you up."

Grace to Grow - Part 1

Throne of Grace • October 25, 2020 • Pastor Jim Amador

Pastor Jim discusses the importance of grace in our Christian lives. God shows us grace on a daily basis. With that, we too should show our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ the same grace that God shows us. Each one of us are at different places in our relationship with the Lord. Each one of us stumbles in many different ways. Instead of tearing someone down with our words or casting them aside with our actions, we should reach out with grace and compassion and lift them back up! This is not an easy process, but an important one!

Light in the Darkness

Christians and Politics? • October 18, 2020 • Pastor Seth Amador

Should Christians be involved in politics? Should pastors preach about political events from the pulpit? Many believer that Christians should not do either. But can that claim be substantiated from Scripture? Throughout the Old Testament we see many men of God in governing places and in the King's courts being lights in the darkness. In the early history of our nation we see colonial clergy members influencing the American Revolution by the sermons they preached as well as taking up arms to fight for our freedoms. We can thank the active church for the freedoms that we have today!

Are We There Yet? Part 2

The Rapture and the Second Coming • October 11, 2020 • Pastor Jim Amador

Pastor Jim continues the series by discussing the difference between the rapture and the second coming of Christ. Many get confused about the rapture of God's people and the His second coming. These are entirely two different events that take place. Only the saved will be rapture with Jesus in the air. First, the dead and secondly those who are alive. The second coming of Jesus is the manifestation of His wrath. God declares that His people will not experience His wrath upon earth. That means, the rapture happens before His second coming. Listen to this weeks sermon for a clear break down on end times events!

Are We There Yet? Part 1

Biblical Prophecy • October 4, 2020 • Pastor Jim Amador

Pastor Jim discusses the very relevant topic of Biblical prophecy and how it applies to us today. With all of the current event happening in our country, God is setting the stage for the coming of His Son! The scripture warns us of: false teachers and prophets, a falling away of Christians, the love of many growing cold, a one world government, a one world currency, and a one world religion. You want want to miss this one!

Rebuilding the broken wall

Nehemiah 2:1-6 • September 6, 2020 • Pastor Jim Amador

Pastor Jim gives a special message concerning the importance of unifying together in the body of Christ. We must come together in symphony to work on building each other up in the Lord; helping Him put back together what has been broken. We must seek the Lord through prayer; repenting for our own personal sins, the sins of His church, and the sins of the government. We must position ourselves to advance the Kingdom of God.

The Lord's Release

Hebrews 2:15 • February 2, 2020 • Pastor Jim Amador

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power working in us" Ephesians 3:20. God is working on releasing His glory upon the church in this coming season. God wants us to step into a greater measure of His glory, of His goodness, and His blessings. This is a season of releasing! It's time to expand the tent of our dwelling and step forward into His blessings! Join us as Pastor Jim goes into depth of this new season that God has in store for us.

Prophecy and the Prophet

January 26, 2020 • Pastor Seth Amador

Pastor Seth discusses the role of a prophet in the Old Testament as well as the office of a prophet in the New Testament. We discuss the proper way for the gifts of the Spirit, specifically, prophecy are to be exercised in the Church today. Are prophets still active today in the church? Can someone prophesy who is not a prophet? How do we distinguish a false prophet? These are all questions that are answered in this sermon.

Breaking Through with Prayer

October 27, 2019 • Pastor Seth Amador

We all need a breakthrough in our prayer lives, but how do we do it? This week Pastor Seth goes through some key Biblical principles on how we can achieve breakthrough. The Bible also warns us of certain things that can hinder our prayers. Listen here to find out!

Tithing 101

June 30, 2019 • Pastor Jim Amador

In this message Pastor Jim explains the importance of tithing. He goes into detail and explains how the tithe existed before the Law was given and how it continues after the Law was fulfilled. Is tithing for today? What are the benefits of tithing? Find out in this important message.

Six Dangers to Believers

December 2, 2018 • Pastor Jim Amador

The New Age

Ye shall be as gods... • November 25, 2018 • Pastor Seth Amador

In this sermon we expose the demonic roots of the New Age movement. We discuss meditation, yoga, and demons who manifest as benevolent beings called "ascended masters". This message is informative, insightful, and will equip you to spot the growing New Age movement that is infiltrating our society and even in our churches.

Vote Biblically

October 28, 2018 • Pastor Jim Amador

Its not about political parties, its about God's moral standard. We all need to do our part and vote. As Christians we need to vote Biblically! Find out what the Word of God says about these issues.

A Fresh Anointing

Psalm 92:10 • October 7, 2018 • Pastor Jim Amador

4 Reasons Why We Should Pray For Israel

September 30, 2018 • Pastor Jim Amador