The Called Creative

Church Communications

Thanks for Listening!

July 7, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

Koby wraps up the podcast with a final message to the listeners. Thank you for listening to the Called Creative! For other resources, please visit http://sbtexas.com.

Introverted and Extroverted Creatives

June 30, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode, Koby talks with Lance Crowell about introverts and extroverts. They talk through some hidden strengths as well as some areas that you can improve on as creatives. Lance Crowell is the Senior Strategist of Digital Ministries and Communications at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

Starting From the Ground Up

June 16, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

In today's episode Koby is joined by Josh Brown. They discuss the story of Josh's company, HIS Productions and discuss some of the ins and outs of starting something new from the ground up. Josh Brown is the founder of HIS Productions based out of Indiana.

Working Through Frustrations

June 2, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

Today Koby is joined by Jason Earls. Jason shares his heart on dealing with frustrations as a creative and some ideas on how to work through them. Jason Earls is a Stand-Up Comedian based out of Dallas, TX.

Creative Potential

May 19, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode, Koby sits down with Luke McElroy, founder of the Salt Community. Luke talks about one of his books named “Creative Potential.” They discuss what it means to have creative potential and some ways that you can unleash it in your life and creative calling.

Real Talk: Put Up a Fight

May 5, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

When we overthink things we can quickly become our own biggest critic and in turn be the one to eventually talk ourselves out of doing something that God has gifted us to do. In this episode, Koby talks through some things that you can remember as you put up a fight and use your gifts for what they were intended for.

Recruiting, Resourcing, and Rewarding Creatives

April 21, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

Today’s conversation is an important topic for creative leaders to consider when leading their creative teams. In this episode, Koby is joined by Ben Stapley. They will discuss specific ways that you can recruit, resource, and reward your creative teams. Ben consults with churches and speaks at conferences throughout the year on topics surrounding communication and creativity in the church.

Making Your Gifts Available to God

April 7, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

Today Koby is joined by Sherita Harkness. They discuss the idea of making your gifts available to God. They talk about discovering your gifts, focusing them, and having confidence in them. Sherita is the owner of Trading Fourz in Chicago, IL.

Navigating Collaborative Relationships

March 24, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode we talk about the challenges of collaborative relationships, ways to build them from the ground up, and some ideas on how to be a better team player on your staff. Koby is joined by Will Welch. Will is the Creative and Online Pastor at Eagles View Church in Fort Worth, TX.

Real Talk: The Master and Apprentice

March 10, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode Koby shares a few traits that an apprentice looks for in a master that we should be looking to God for as his apprentices.

Created to Create

February 24, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

Today's discussion is about how creativity plays an active role as part of the Christian life. Casey Hensley and Koby Dickenson talk about ways to integrate your creativity with your everyday work. Casey is a songwriter and is also currently serving as the worship pastor at Old River Baptist Church in the East Houston area in Old River, Texas.

The Importance of Creative Community

February 10, 2021 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode Koby is joined by Katie Allred, founder of the nationally known Church Communications group, an assistant professor of marketing at Mobile Alabama and the co author of a new book called, “Instagram Posts that Worked.” They'll talk about the importance of community among creatives. Where you can find it and why you should have it.

2021 Year Preview

December 30, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

2020 is in the books! In this episode, Koby gives a quick preview of what is to come on the podcast in 2021. We can't wait for yall to hear the new episodes!

The Creative's Voice - 5 Voices System

December 16, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode, we’re going to discuss a creative’s voice in a team atmosphere. We’ll walk you through a system called 5 Voices and explain how you can use this tool to help discover your voice and be empowered to use it within your team. Mitch Tidwell is the Lead Associate of Students & Collegiate at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

The Relationship of Pastors and Creatives

December 2, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode, we talk about the relationship between the senior pastor and the creatives in the church. We walk through a few ideas on how to improve this relationship. Keeney Dickenson is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Crockett, TX.