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Fighting Creative Burnout

Dillon Chase, National Recording Artist • August 12, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode we’ll talk about ways to prevent creative burnout and some ideas for how to handle it if you’re currently going through it. Dillon Chase is a national recording artist based out of Oklahoma.

Real Talk: Generating Creative Margin

Koby Dickenson, Host • July 29, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

Creative margin is essential to any creatives workflow. In this episode Koby breaks that down and gives some steps on how you can generate creative margin in your week to week structure.

Storytelling and the Church

Will Welch, Minister of Storytelling & Interactive Media, Cross City Church • July 15, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode we talk about the importance of storytelling in the church and give some insight on how you can improve your story process. Will Welch is the Minister of Storytelling & Interactive Media at Cross City Church in Euless, TX.

Wait, Am I Called?

Steven Polk, Pastor of Creative Arts, Fivestone Community Church • July 1, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

In this episode Steven defines what it means to be called and gives some advice on what you can do as next steps as you chase after God's call on your life. Steven Polk is the Pastor of Creative Arts at Fivestone Community Church in Garland, TX.


Koby Dickenson, Host • June 21, 2020 • Koby Dickenson

Welcome to the Called Creative Podcast. Our goal is to encourage and champion the church creative. We aim to answer questions and cover topics that are relevant to your work at hand.