The Darkness Becomes Light

December 9, 2017 • Pastor Jeff Beckett • John 1:2–5

Ever just get tired of the darkness? Darkness is depressing (shorter days, bad weather, etc.). Darkness is dangerous, and it is a favorite way to describe spiritual death in the Bible. Then Jesus comes along at Christmas and turns all that upside down!

The Glory is Revealed!

December 23, 2017 • Pastor Jeff Beckett • John 1:14

We come to the dramatic conclusion of John’s introduction … his Christmas account. In today’s passage, John makes the ultimate claim … to know God, and see His glory, you must fix your gaze by faith on Jesus Christ!

The Dead Come to Life!

December 16, 2017 • Pastor Jeff Beckett • John 1:6–13

John’s series of amazing revelations continues. Jesus came to offer a dying world eternal life. Up until now, we have discussed things easily dismissed as “theology” or even theory. But “death becoming life” is tangible. Something is either dead or alive! Lazarus was dead, but came to life, and Jesus was in the tomb but now the tomb is empty. And today, in Christ, you become no longer a child of dust and death, but instead a child of God. And, one day, your tomb will be empty too!

The Word Became Flesh

December 2, 2017 • Pastor Jeff Beckett • John 1:1–2

John really wants you to meet Jesus, and know who He is! John writes 21 chapters worth of stories and commentary, which focuses only on the three last years of Jesus’ life and ministry. Today, you could meet Jesus in ways that could change your eternity, and turn your world upside down!