Fear Not

Fear Not – There Is Good News

December 25, 2022 • Travis Agnew • Luke 2:1–21

The angels announced the gracious and glorious arrival of Jesus to a group of panicked shepherds. The gospel emboldens our lives once we comprehend that Jesus actually came for us. 

Fear Not – God’s in This

December 18, 2022 • Jerry McCorkle • Matthew 1:18–25

When the angel informed Joseph of God’s workings regarding Mary, he was willing to go forward with God’s plan. No matter how unconventional God’s plan proves to be, we can go forward if we are confident that God is in it.

Fear Not - You Are Favored by God

December 11, 2022

If you think our days are full of reasons to fear, you must consider what it must have been like during that first Christmas when God invaded some people’s plans for His own. Met by God, these individuals were all overwhelmed by uncertainty, but the presence and promise of God were meant to rid them of fear and embolden them to go forward. Jesus has come, and everything must change.