He Shall Be Called

Isaiah 9:6

Prince Of Peace

December 29, 2019 • Travis Agnew

In a world where chaos abounds, where are we to find peace? Following Jesus provides the only path to experiencing unshakable peace.

Everlasting Father

December 22, 2019 • Travis Agnew

Due to the frailties of earthly fathers, many people struggle to embrace God as a Heavenly Father. If you have ever wanted to know what God the Father is like, look no further than His Son.

Mighty God

December 15, 2019 • Travis Agnew

Since we could not make it to God, God came for us. Jesus was more than a godly man, but the God-Man who provided redemption.

Wonderful Counselor

December 8, 2019 • Travis Agnew

In a world full of conflicting advice, Jesus eagerly points us in wise directions. Not only are we blessed by hearing His guidance but by obeying His counsel.