Sermon on the Mount

The Countercultural Guide for Kingdom Living

How to Survive Life's Storms

April 11, 2021 • Travis Agnew

All of us go through storms, but only some of us make it out of them. As Jesus concluded the Sermon on the Mount, he taught his listeners how to build the types of lives that can withstand life’s storms.

The Make-Believer

April 4, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Plenty of people know religious lingo and practice helpful service, but not all have an actual relationship with Jesus. Make sure that your faith isn’t make-believe.

The Broken Rule

March 28, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Instead of treating others the way we wish to be treated, we often repay others for what they have done. The remarkable standard of the kingdom is simple, yet few will accept it.

Your Father Isn’t Annoyed by Your Requests

March 21, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Many of us are lacking certain things because we have simply refused to ask God for them. As our Father, he knows what we need and takes pleasure in giving us good gifts.

The Just Way to Be Judgmental

March 14, 2021 • Travis Agnew

One of Jesus’ most misinterpreted phrases was his teaching on judging one another. Jesus didn’t expect us to refrain from accountability but abstain from hypocrisy.

The Weariness of Worry

March 7, 2021 • Travis Agnew

You would have plenty of valid reasons to worry if God was not your intentionally provisional Father. Rid yourself of the weariness of worry and trust God for your daily needs.

The Danger of Decadence

February 28, 2021 • Travis Agnew

When we believe our status to be contingent upon what we own in this life, it robs us of obtaining true treasure. Decide if you will either serve God or money.

Fast Approvals

February 21, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Like many other spiritual disciplines, fasting can, unfortunately, be a means to gain the approval of others. Jesus taught that fasting should only be something directed to and noticed by God.

When They've Hurt You So Deeply

February 14, 2021 • Travis Agnew

When others cause emotional pain in your life, forgiveness is the only restorative option. Jesus explained that our forgiveness of others is tied to God’s forgiveness towards us.

Learning How to Talk to God

February 7, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Jesus taught us how to pray but not what to pray. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus gave a template by which we can learn how to talk with God.

Don’t Be Needy When Giving to the Needy

January 31, 2021 • Taylor Wolfe

Jesus expects us to give, but he desires that we not give with a need to be noticed. The only recognition that a generous heart should seek comes from God.

Don’t Give Them What They Deserve

January 24, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Our tendency is to repay people for any negative words or harmful actions, but Jesus taught quite the opposite. The way of the kingdom is counter-cultural and yet life-giving.

Losing Credibility One Empty Promise at a Time

January 17, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Each of our reputations are defined by our level of credibility. Instead of exaggerating with empty promises, simply stay reliable with a trustworthy life.

Avoiding Divorce

January 10, 2021 • Travis Agnew

While divorce is permitted in the Bible, it is never promoted in the Bible. Learn what Jesus had to say about those considering dissolving a marriage union

Lured by Lust

January 3, 2021 • Travis Agnew

Adultery always begins far before the act. We must be careful what we look at and what we think about if we are to remain faithful to our commitments.