New Testament Survey 19 - Discourses in John (Conclusion) Mt Olivet Discourses - Controversy Begins

Storm clouds

Dr. Douglas Nelson

Dr. Douglas Nelson examines the teachings of Jesus in light of the growing threat they posed to the hypocritical religious leaders of His day.

New Testament Survey 26: Period between death of Jesus and the Resurrection

Dr. Douglas Nelson

What happened during the time that Jesus was dead? Did He just stay in the grave? Well, as Dr. Douglas Nelson shows us, the answer is yes . . . and no! The time that Jesus spent in the grave was very well spent, and fulfilled multiple prophecies.

New Testament Survey 25 - The Crucifixion

Dr. Douglas Nelson

Dr. Douglas Nelson examines the Old Testament prophecies that predict the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, detail for detail.

New Testament Survey 24 - The Passion of the Christ (Continued)

Dr. Douglas Nelson

Douglas Nelson continues examining the aspects of the crucifixion of Christ and why it was absolutely necessary for our salvation.