8.2.2020 - 9.13.2020


September 13, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

Philippians 4 - Finding peace by what masters your mind Your life will move toward your strongest thoughts. “Think about such things”

Opportunity Awaits.

September 6, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

Your current circumstances are just a chapter. They are not the full story. Genesis 15

Find Your Purpose

August 30, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

What if your purpose on earth wasn’t about your bucket list, but about something you’ve never thought of yet? Psalm 78 - David served God’s purpose

Enough Already!

August 23, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

The decision to stay positive has more to do with our mental health than we realize. What is consuming your mind? It WILL control your life. Romans 8

Is It Hot In Here?

August 16, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

What is the temperature of love in your family right now? 1 Cor 13 - Love.

Getting Better

August 9, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

What can you be doing to be better when “normal” finally arrives? Proverbs 25:28

Looking for Normal

August 2, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

What if God is giving us normal that makes the old normal seem weird? Exodus 14 - Children of Israel wanting to go back to “normal” life of slavery in Egypt.