Heroes Among Us

May 31, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

Our first week back live & online. Let’s honor those who served us like we would a superstar sports figure. Scripture: Romans 12:1

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Church. A Better Way

June 14, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

When churches behave like a place, it becomes a hypocritical, boring, uninviting place that men and women don’t want anything to do with. When it behaves like a group gathering somewhere on purpose, it changes people’s lives and it changes the world. Scripture: John 13:35

Take Care Of Each Other

June 7, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

Compassion isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always in style. What if we decided to live the way we did during quarantine and forever change our world? Scripture: Luke 10 (Good Samaritan)

Not As Important As We Thought.

May 24, 2020 • Shayne O’Brien

Was life before what we really had hoped for or what we had been lured into. What should we consider leaving behind as we come back? Scripture: Hebrews 12:1