"Hold Fast" A Study in Hebrews 10

Hold Fast to Jesus

July 23, 2023 • Tim Chitwood

Have you ever experienced a time when you felt you where "holding on for dear life"? As we maneuver through life we constantly come up against different pressures and influences that try to push or pull us like leaves blown by the wind. As we look around our world today, it's clear that people feel lost and adrift, without anything consistent and dependable to keep them grounded and secure. This week we are wrapping up the Hold Fast series by looking to Jesus, the only sure anchor which we can tether ourselves to so that we may be able to Hold Fast to Him no matter what comes.

Hold Fast Together

July 16, 2023 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we begin a brief study in Hebrews 10 called "Hold Fast". Here we examine how to hold fast to Jesus in a world desperately trying to get us to let go. Read Hebrews 10:19-25 with a thought toward how Christian community helps us hold fast to Jesus.