The Better Way A Study in Hebrews

A Better Sacrifice

June 11, 2023 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we conclude our current study in Hebrews with a look at Hebrews 10:1-18. As you read the text, consider what realities the OT law and the sacrifices that it demands is a shadow of? What does it mean to have the law written on our hearts? And how is this text making the point that Jesus is better than the OT ways?

A Better Temple

June 4, 2023 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we look at Hebrews 9 and the new temple that Jesus has provided for us. We will see how Jesus has not only made a way for our sins to be wiped away but also for us to have a purified conscience. Read the text and consider how Jesus' blood purifies our conscience and how a purified conscience equips us to do the Lord's work. 

A Better Covenant

May 28, 2023 • Hunter Shelton

This week we will be continuing our study in Hebrews by jumping into chapter 8. We are going to be comparing the old covenant with the new one through Christ. Spoiler alert, Christ created a better covenant for us... join us this Sunday to see why!

A Better Fulfillment

May 21, 2023 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we examine Hebrews 7 and finally discover who this Melchizedek guy was! In addition to Hebrews 7 read Genesis 14:18-20 and Psalm 110:4 to see the old testament scripture that the readers of Hebrews would have been familiar with and thought of when they read the letter of Hebrews. How does Jesus complete us? How does He make our lives abundant? How does Jesus bless us? How does Jesus give us constant access to God?

A Better Hope

May 14, 2023 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we continue our study out of Hebrews with a look at Hebrews 5:11-6:20. This series is about how Jesus is always the better way. This week we learn that He is a better hope. Read the text and consider what it means to grow and mature in the faith. What is the risk if you choose not to mature in your faith? And how does maturing in your faith help you find a greater "assurance of hope" in Christ? 

A Better High Priest

May 7, 2023 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we begin a new study out of Hebrews. Our text is Hebrews 4:15-5:10. We will be considering what it means that Jesus is our "Great High Priest". For the Jewish Christian, the writer is trying to show them why Jesus is a better high priest then they had ever had. For you and I - what are some alternatives to Jesus that we are tempted to trust more than He? As you read the text, consider what it means to "practice the presence of God".