Weight of Truth, A Study in 1 Kings

Elijah and the Miserable King Ahab

April 28, 2024 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we are looking at the last 3 chapters of 1 Kings. Each has a story about King Ahab. Read each story and consider why Ahab made the mistake he made and how living his ways is miserable. Consider how him knowing who God is and being humble before him could have changed the outcomes.

Elijah and the Evil Queen Jezebel

April 21, 2024 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we continue our study in 1 Kings with a look at 1 Kings 19 and what happened after the triumph at Mt. Carmel. It is striking that very often after our greatest victories we experience some of our lowest moments. Why do you think this is? Read 1 Kings 19 - what surprises you about Elijah here? Particularly considering the events of 1 Kings 18. What steps does God bring Elijah through to restore his hope and his confidence? What makes 1 Kings 19:14 different from 1 Kings 19:10? 

How Long Will You Waver?

April 14, 2024

This Sunday, we will be diving into 1 Kings 18. The people of Israel are wavering between two opinions. Elijah the prophet of God is going to call them back to the one true God. He calls them to follow God wholeheartedly and to cast aside all other idols. In preparation for this week's sermon read over 1 Kings 18 and spend time praying over this passage. 

Elijah and the Weight of Truth

April 7, 2024 • Pastor Seth Amerine

This week we return to the book of 1 Kings with a study of the exchanges between God's prophet Elijah and the wicked king of Israel Ahab. This week we are looking at 1 Kings 16-17:24. Read the text - what are some profound truths we learn about God from these stories? How does knowing these truths about God affect or improve your life?