The Forgotten Way - A FUEL Bible Study

Week 7

5 declarations from "The Forgotten Way"

Week 7

November 30, 2016

Because of what Jesus has done for us we now get to enjoy what He’s done for us. Our journey now is to renew our mind on a daily basis to who God is, who we are in Him, and who others are in Him. We now get to live life free from the poison of condemning ourselves and condemning others. We are no longer slaves and are free to forgive and love without reservation!

Week 6

November 16, 2016

The Fifth Declaration “Love, joy, and peace are the manifestation of your true identity and the Father’s realm, on earth as in heaven through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Week 5

November 9, 2016

The Fourth Declaration “You will only see who you are and thus be who you are as you surrender your attachment to all other identities, which are like gods of a lesser power that block your vision of your true identity and keep you in darkness.”

Week 4

The Third Declaration “Your journey now is to see who you truly are, for you are the light of the world, the son or the daughter of your Father, a new creature flowing with more beauty and power than you have dared imagine possible.”

In Christ

Week 3

The Second Declaration “You are remade in the likeness and glory of your Father, finite yet already complete in union with Yeshua – you in Him and He in you, risen with Him and seated in heavenly places. Nothing can separate you from His love.”

Week 2

The First Declaration “God is infinitely good, far more loving and gentle and kind to His children than any earthly mother or father imaginable. God is infinitely complete; nothing can threaten or disturb Him. Nothing can be taken away from Him, making Him less than complete, nor added to Him who is already complete.”

Week 1

The elephant in the room - What we think and say we believe and what we experience in life are often two radically different realities. One of the main purposes of The Forgotten Way is to help Christians actually experience the love, peace, and power Jesus died to purchase for them.

The Forgotten Way

This simple book is a gateway to a simple journey of radical discovery for Christians, laid out in three sections. 1. The Forgotten Way - Unpacks the struggles we find on the pathway of life 2. Meditations - 21 chapters broken down into three main categories : The Truth, The Way, and The Life. It explores how we can have peace and power as we follow Yeshua (Hebrew Name of Jesus) 3. Scriptures and Reflections from Bill Vanderbush which delve deeper into the references from the meditations