From Getting to Giving

May 22, 2016 • May 22, 2016 • Josh Finklea

What percentage of your __________ do you give to God?

From Fear to Faith

May 15, 2016 • May 15, 2016 • Blake Bergstrom

Freedom and change will happen when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go!

From the Past to the Future

May 8, 2016 • May 8, 2016 • Josh Finklea

Forget the past, look forward to the future, and press on through the present.

Your Relationship

May 1, 2016 • May 1, 2016 • Matt Brown

Jesus says in Matthew 7, that not everyone that calls him Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This brings up a very scary thought....It’s possible to be religious and not have a relationship with Jesus.


April 24, 2016 • April 24, 2016 • Josh Finklea

Your Attitude

April 17, 2016 • April 17, 2016 • Josh Finklea

It’s easy to love people we love and to be selfless with them, but what about people who you don’t like? Look to the interest of others...be willing to put your own desires, ideas, and interest to the side and serve people so that others can find Christ.

Your Mission

April 10, 2016 • April 10, 2016 • Josh Finklea

How can you find significance in life?... Proclaim, live, and work as one for Christ. Make the shift from trying to find success to finding significance.

Don't Swerve

April 3, 2016 • April 3, 2016 • Josh Finklea