Get Dirty

November 13, 2016 • November 13, 2016 • Josh Finklea

Sometimes it takes getting dirty to get something clean. Jesus is the ultimate example of this, as He came down to die for our mess. Are you willing to meet people where they’re at in life in order to reach them for Christ?


November 6, 2016 • November 6, 2016 • Josh Finklea

In Acts 9:1-19, we can read about Saul’s conversion story…Who he was before Christ, what he experienced through Christ, and who is in Christ! What’s your story?


October 30, 2016 • October 30, 2016 • Matt Brown

Ever wonder why God has you in a desert? If so, listen in on this message about Phillip!


October 23, 2016 • October 23, 2016 • Josh Finklea

We know Stephens story because he made Christ the center of his story. When Christ is the center it will develop your character, give you courage, and change your countenance. Will you make Christ the center of yours?


October 16, 2016 • October 16, 2016 • Josh Finklea

Hurricane Matthew caused a lot of destruction in many different ways. Tune in as we discuss how to handle our emotions when the storms come, and how to acknowledge, believe, and respond through the calamity.

Marks of a Multiplying Church

October 6, 2016 • October 6, 2016 • Josh Finklea

Our goal as Christ followers should not be to add to our church, it should be to multiply the church. So, What are the marks of a multiplying church? Growth, Care, Empowering Leaders, and Preaching Christ can all take the church to the next level!


October 2, 2016 • October 2, 2016 • Josh Finklea

Where there is unity, there is greatness; where there is division, there is destruction. Are you of one heart, or are you two faced?


September 25, 2016 • September 25, 2016 • Josh Finklea

How should we pray? Pray believing that God is in control. Pray biblically by reciting scripture. Pray boldly, asking God to not only change others, but to look within yourself. Pray BIG, massive prayers to our Father!

One Day

September 18, 2016 • September 18, 2016 • Josh Finklea

What is the most important day of your life? Call on the ONE NAME that matters most, so that you can have a ONE DAY experience here, and be ready for that ONE DAY that is to come!

The Strong & Healthy Church

September 11, 2016 • September 11, 2016 • Matthew Brown

Devoted, Generous, and Together....These 3 words described early church; a strong/healthy/Gospel­centered/Jesus­-focused church. Do they describe our church? Do they describe your life? Could these words be said about you?

Confused or Convicted

September 4, 2016 • September 4, 2016 • Josh Finklea

There are a lot of people that have been confused by the christian message. The simple truth is that Jesus is calling, and we would love to tell you His story!

Holy Spirit

August 28, 2016 • August 28, 2016 • Josh Finklea

What do Gatorade and the Holy Spirit have in common? Watch this Sunday's message on a taboo topic.

Be My Witness

August 21, 2016 • August 21, 2016 • Josh Finklea

Acts 1:8 says that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. It's because of this that we are empowered to be Christ's witnesses to the world. Will you fulfill your role?