Chase The Lion


June 25, 2017 • June 25, 2017 • Josh Finklea

What are you willing to sacrifice for your dream? Will you sacrifice your dream for someone else's? For more info please visit


June 18, 2017 • Josh Finklea

The discipline of perseverance is perfected through the discipline of practice. What disciplines are you willing to put into practice to persevere as you chase your lion? For more info please visit


June 11, 2017 • Josh Finklea

Courage: the ability to accomplish your dreams and mission in the face of fear. Have courage today to stand and fight by leading, living, and leaning on the Lord. For more info please visit


June 4, 2017 • Josh Finklea

The dream God has for you is much larger than the dream you have for yourself. Be a hero, pursue, set goals, and pray God sized prayers. Grab opportunity by the mane and don’t let go! For more info please visit