May 28, 2017 • Matthew Brown

How would your life change if you weren't afraid to die? Truth is we are all going to die, but what happens after that? For more info, please visit http://rockc3.com


May 21, 2017 • Josh Finklea


May 14, 2017 • Josh Finklea

Who am I? Who are they?… Both of these questions will lead us to the answer that we are all tarnished, punished, and banished. Instead of asking, let’s start stating who we are, and who they are in the eyes of Christ. For more info please visit http://rockc3.com


May 7, 2017 • Josh Finklea

The number one thing people worry about is money, so it’s important for us to protect our finances. If we let go, and let God be our guard, we can rest in the sense that he will do the fighting for us! For more info please visit http://rockc3.com


April 30, 2017 • Josh Finklea

We all have failures and regrets, but too often we turn to remorse instead of repentance. Remorse leads to death, but repentance leads to life! For more info please visit http://rockc3.com


April 23, 2017 • Matthew Brown