Session 4: Role of Husband and Wife

April 7, 2017 • PB and PG

Please standby. We will create a new video for this since it was not recorded. Thank you for your patience.

Session 1: Male and Female Differences

April 6, 2017 • PB and PG

To experience harmony in marriage, we need to understand the general differences between males and females.

Session 2: Knowing Personality Traits

April 6, 2017 • PB and PG

Aside from general differences, we also have specific personality differences. We need to understand these as well so that we can accept and affirm each other in marriage.

Pstr Greg Testimony: Best Half

Here is a testimony of a husband who understood what it meant to be the better half. Although his wife is now bedridden, he now aspires to become the best half of his wife.