Biblia@Pulitika (March 2022)

How To Win Even If You Lose

Bong Baylon

Regardless of who we vote for, one thing is for sure. Some of us will lose while others will win. Some candidates will be elected, while others will not. The winners will celebrate and be happy. But what about the losers? No one wants to lose. That's why losing will be a form of spiritual formation for many of us. How we respond when we lose will reveal our true hearts.

Winning Is Not Everything

March 20, 2022 • Bong Baylon

As the election draws near, emotions are running high. There are a lot of disagreements. Even Christians are drawn to this and, sadly, some reveal the worldly state of their hearts as they disagree with others in social media. Disagreements are inevitable. But how we express our disagreements is a choice. We don't have to resort to worldly tactics to promote our candidate. We are Christians and we represent Jesus Christ first of all. Therefore, we must act like His disciples, especially in the public arena. Winning is not everything. How do we do this?

How should Christians get involved in politics?

March 13, 2022 • Rev. Bong Baylon

Politics can be dirty. This is why some Christians don't want to be involved in politics. They say that the church should only be concerned with evangelism or discipleship, not with politics. But others argue that we must be involved. In fact, some are too involved already to the point that they forget they are Christians. How can we be involved in politics without losing our identity as Christians? The answer is simple but challenging. Get involved in a way that honors God. How do we do this?

Should we be involved in politics?

March 6, 2022 • Rev. Bong Baylon

Politics is a hot topic these days. Should we even talk about it in church? Some believe that politics is of the world and the church should not waste its time talking about it. Others are very zealous about politics. They are very engaged and vocal about it. We can see it all over social media. But where do we strike the balance? We believe God is present everywhere. Politics is not off-limits to Him. But we must understand what the Bible says about politics so that we can get involved as Christians, and not like those who do not know God.