Thrive! (Oct 2021)

The Grace To Receive Our Reward

October 31, 2021 • Bong Baylon

When near-sighted and blind, our vision of God and His eternal plans are often blurred or out of sight. By default, we will tend to only rely on our feelings and experiences to survive a world of chaos, sin, and uncertainty. However, we can continue to serve God passionately if we think and believe that the final outcome will be good for us. That's why it's important to know God’s word concerning the future (2 Tim 4:1-8). But how can these future events encourage us in our sufferings now?

The Grace To Persevere

October 24, 2021 • Bong Baylon

We all know that faith without works is dead. But not many know that faith without hard work will not last. We cannot live our lives on autopilot. We have to persevere. And perseverance takes hard work. People will work hard for their studies. They will work hard for their careers. But they will not work hard to remain true to their calling in Christ. It's time we learn that grace is not opposed to hard work.

The Grace To Win

October 17, 2021 • Bong Baylon

Nowadays many are losing in the game of life. They are either getting disqualified or totally getting eliminated. Some cannot even stand another round. Others are quitting too soon. The only one who seems to be winning in this game called life is the enemy of our souls. So, how can we win? We need grace. Lots of it. But how do we experience the grace to win?

The Grace To Fight

October 10, 2021 • Bong Baylon

We need to be strong through the grace of God to thrive in these difficult times. Otherwise, we will not overcome. That requires having specific attitudes that would ensure victory rather than defeat. One such mindset is to be like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. But what does it mean? We need to reflect on this to understand its meaning and implications.

The Grace To Be Strong

October 3, 2021 • Bong Baylon

Do you sometimes feel that you cannot handle this prolonged pandemic anymore? Where will your strength come from? It will not come from you for sure. It will come from God through His grace. But how can we avail of that grace? Although grace is a gift from God, there are certain things we can do to posture ourselves to receive it.