Draw Near (May 2018)

When you don't know how to pray

May 6, 2018 • Gina Baylon

How do you pray when you don't know how to pray? Listen to this sermon.

When you've sinned

May 13, 2018 • Gerbert Reyes

All of us sin and fail morally. Who doesn't? But how do we draw near to God when we've sinned?

When you're sad or depressed

May 20, 2018 • Bong Baylon

We all go through experiences that can make us sad or lonely, or even depressed. How do you draw near to God during such moments?

When God doesn't seem to answer

May 27, 2018 • Gina Baylon

Sometimes it feels like God doesn't want to answer our prayers. How do we draw near during such times?