Equippers Training

RLCC Marketing

April 15, 2018 • Bong Baylon

To help people experience real life in Christ, we need to understand marketing.

It's all Greek to me

November 4, 2017 • Bong Baylon

Let's all learn about Greek a little bit.

How to Interpret

October 28, 2017 • Bong Baylon

You must learn how to interpret correctly. Here are the steps.

Understanding Figures of Speech

October 28, 2017 • Bong Baylon

To interpret the Bible, you need to understand Figures of Speech used in the Bible.

How to read the Bible

October 14, 2017 • Bong Baylon

Before you can study the Bible, you must first learn how to read it properly.

Why and how to study the Bible

October 7, 2017 • Bong Baylon

Why should you study the Bible? How will you do it? In this introductory lesson, we will explore these two important questions.

Anatomy of a Sermon

June 17, 2017 • Bong Baylon

To preach a good sermon, you need to understand its ten parts.